Indirect Taxes

Luc Heylens

Global Technical Director, Kreston VDN

Luc is a Director of VAT at Kreston VDN in Belgium and a Certified Tax Adviser ITAA.

Luc is relatively new to the network, having joined Kreston VDN in January 2021, although he is very well known and respected in Belgium as a result of many years in the profession, including a Big 4 firm, in the Tax Administration in Brussels and for his profile as a result of publishing a large number of books on international and domestic VAT matters and having presented and lectured on the subject.

Luc wanted to join the leadership team given his experience in previously seeing an international network move from being a group of local specialists to a collaborative team with an international VAT and other indirect tax network. He knows what we need to do to continue to grow and wants to help us achieve our goals.

Luc said:
“It is an honour to be appointed as the Global Technical Director and exciting that I am part of a network which is dedicated to developing its indirect tax services. My job will be to identify things happening around the world that may be of interest to future clients and to help Rupert in raising the profile of indirect taxes through webinars, live conferences and publicity. I have spent my career raising knowledge of VAT as it is complex and, from my experience in similar networks, I have seen significant collaborative projects that can be won and delivered effectively if a network of professionals are committed to each other. It takes a desire to be a part of a team where members know and can rely on each other. A team is successful because all members know that their piece of advice or compliance service must be of quality and delivered quickly. Clients expect a responsive, joined-up service and if one element fails it lets the whole team down.”