Kreston Global Life Sciences experts published in Pf Magazine

August 26, 2022

Sector: Life Sciences & Healthcare

Our global Life Sciences and Healthcare experts recently reflected on the Pharma funding climate in the global Pharma and Biotech industry, given the post-pandemic continued interest in Biotech.

The funding climate for Pharma

Having seen a slight dip in funding and activity at the end of 2021 / start of 2022, many new funds have been instituted – our Kreston firms have been involved in creating some of these – and we are optimistic about this outlook.  In addition, new virtual companies with disaggregated outsourced processes are beginning to find ways around the significant costs associated with bringing a drug or therapy to market. We are watching with interest.

About the authors

Scott Miles is the co-chair of the Kreston Global Life Sciences and Healthcare sector group. Scott is also the Life Science Lead Partner at Kreston Reeves, where he has developed a specialist team supported by David Rosevear to deliver expert services to the Life Science and Healthcare sectors.

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