Letisko M.R.Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, a.s. (BTS), Slovakia

Letisko M.R.Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, a.s. (BTS) owns and runs BTS Aero International Airport in Bratislava which is the largest of the five airports in Slovakia with more than 550 employees. BTS asked Kreston Slovakia to review its operations and work out how best to deploy its employees’ skills across multiple areas.

GATE, Slovakia

GATE is a popular fashion brand based in Slovakia and operates online stores across eight European countries. The company wanted to automate the supply and transaction processes in all of its e-shop locations. The management at GATE instructed Kreston Slovakia to carry out the work, with the team led by Vladimír Bartoš and Július Činčala.

Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

The Ministry of Healthcare in Slovakia covers 105 institutions, including hospitals, universities, regional health organisations and medical treatment institutes. Kreston Slovakia reviewed and provide practical solutions in four core areas.

D. Med, Germany

D.med Healthcare is a privately owned healthcare company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operating globally in over 20 countries as a provider of medical services and products with a focus on renal care, diabetes, and other aspects of medical care.

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