Tax structuring for multinationals

Tax structuring for multinationals, businesses with operations in two or more countries, can fall within a wide variety of complex […]

Tax planning for entrepreneurs

Tax planning services for ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses are vital as is getting the right tax support […]

Tax digitalisation

Tax digitalisation services cover a broad spectrum as tax digitalisation itself is an extensive subject and can mean different things […]

Tax compliance for businesses

Tax compliance can be a tricky landscape for businesses. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The hardest thing in the […]

Private client tax

Kreston Global provides private client tax services to international high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and their families whether their wealth is generated […]

Capital cost recovery

Capital cost recovery is the process of a business obtaining tax relief for capital expenditure which is incurred on qualifying […]

Indirect taxes

What are indirect taxes such as VAT, Sales Tax and Goods & Services Tax (GST)? Indirect taxes, such as VAT, Sales Tax and Goods […]

E-invoicing and VAT in the EU

The harmonisation of rules for e-invoicing throughout the EU to close the VAT gap is a major move to make the EU more digital.

Tax digitalisation

The digitalisation of tax is an extensive subject and has a different meaning to governments, businesses and other stakeholders.

James Cowper Kreston spring statement

Account and business advisors James Cowper Kreston release their 2022 spring statement as the Chancellor addresses the backdrop of the rising inflation.