Kreston Brighture, China, December newsletter 2023

The December 2023 issue of the Kreston Brighture newsletter delves into recent advancements in financial and tax policies. This section highlights the latest changes, offering insights into their implications for both businesses and individuals.

Economic substance exemption

Economic substance exemption rules ensure that companies conducting business in a particular jurisdiction have a genuine economic presence and conduct real economic activities, rather than simply establishing shell companies for tax avoidance purposes.

New rules on tax residency in Italy

As of 2024, new rules on tax residency in Italy will change. The amendments may generate new implications when the tiebreaker of a DTA signed by Italy is intended to apply.

Understanding the Mexican Federal Revenue Law 2024 update

The Mexican Federal Revenue Law 2024 update by the Mexican Senate is now benefitting from the recently approved Federal Revenue Law for the fiscal year 2024, marking a significant increase in the country’s projected revenues.

Understanding VAT implications on UK residential property

Explore the VAT implications of interim rental for new residential properties in the UK, including strategies for VAT recovery, HMRC’s adjustment policy, and alternative approaches. Understand the key factors impacting VAT on property development and rental.

VAT Guides

International VAT guides Navigating the complexities of international taxation can be an overwhelming experience, particularly as global regulations are continuously […]

Transfer pricing

In the age of globalisation, businesses often set up operations in multiple countries, exchanging goods, services, and intangible properties within […]