“Shaping your Future” report examines UK business over the next two years

November 25, 2021

UK-based member firm, Kreston Reeves, has recently published the results of a survey of 652 business leaders’ views on what the next two years has in store for British business.

The combination of Covid and Brexit aftermath, a drive for social and legislative mitigation of climate change, plus the continuing impact of technology and unpredictable working patterns, businesses face an uncertain future. The fact that so many of the businesses interviewed by Kreston Reeves are so confident about the future – 87% describing themselves as either ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ – is hugely encouraging.

Nevertheless there are significant challenges, such as supply chain issues, predicted to continue for years to come that are hitting bottom lines now. Finding and keeping employees continues to be a concern and is showing no sign of easing. 20% of those surveyed do not believe they will be able to pay back COVID loans, on top of the threat of tax increases and rising inflation detracting from real incomes and spending.

The aim of the report is to help clients tackle challenges and provide inspiration to shape both their future, and the future of UK business, and looks at topics such as scenario planning around the post Brexit and Covid landscape, navigating supply chain constraints, building a strong employer brand, funding growth and preparing for a digital revolution in financial management.

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