The Impact of Brexit on Asian Economies

August 16, 2021

By Ganesh Ramaswamy, Associate at Kreston Rangamani

(Published in the International Accountant)

“In recent years, the world has seen several major events which have caused huge global shifts in trade power. One such event is Brexit. While this development is likely to slow down trade and disrupt supply chain activities between the UK and the EU, it could also lead to hugely beneficial opportunities for countries and businesses in other regions, especially Asia. Brexit, in particular, has made the UK and the EU look to increase trade with other countries.” 

Ganesh Ramaswamy’s latest piece discusses the varying impact of Brexit expected to be felt across the Asian continent and how one should make note of the UK’s novel negotiating position in reference to any new or upcoming FTAs with the region.

Read the article in the International Accountant magazine.