The Year of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

June 30, 2016


Mobile apps are an important competitive tool that can make a difference for those who run a small business.

Through a mobile app, a small business can promote its brand, products, and services, expand its sales channels, interact with the target audience and get closer to the customer, in addition to becoming more competitive and innovative.

Some time ago, developing your own mobile app was expensive and complicated – but now that reality has changed. The technology is more accessible and with the recent growth of software development kits that streamline the development process, apps allow even non-coders to create a fully-functioning app.

Now, not only can larger businesses with extensive experience of apps reach the customer but lots of smaller businesses can also take advantage of this technology.

In the long run, an app can represent cost/time savings and offer many features such as in-app payments. Imagine how much more practical and easier it would be to process bookings, payments and fulfilling orders for your business if your company was app ready.

According to information in an interesting article I read by Andrew Gazdecki on Small Business Trends, one recent survey demonstrated that 62% of businesses already had apps or were in the process of building one; 20% used their apps for purely branding purposes; 30% had revenue generating apps, and 50% used them for support and engagement.

As the author of the article mentioned, apps aren’t just made for sales, they can also be a means of creating a link between the customer and the company. This can be done in several ways. Imagine a pet shop that, through its app, creates a community where people share photos of their animals or an app of a health/organic food store where you can find countless healthy recipes.

The possibilities on offer are huge and are growing all the time. According to AppAnnie blog, “in 2016 the global mobile market app is projected to expand 24% to reach US$ 51 billion in gross revenue across all app stores. By 2020, gross revenue across all app stores will Exceed US$ 101 billion globally.”

I am sure that with the ever growing use of mobile technology, every business should be taking time to consider how the addition of an app could be used and valued by the customer base – delaying the decision could see customers attracted to move to those competitors which provide the benefits of app technology.