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Ukraine member Kreston GCG hosts IPO conference 2011

April 21, 2011

Ukraine member Kreston GCG hosts IPO conference 2011

Kreston GCG hosted a successful conference on prospective Ukrainian IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) in Kiev recently. The aim of the event was to introduce delegates to the opportunities of raising capital for companies in the Ukraine.
Sergey Atamas, Managing Partner of Kreston GCG said;

“The interest in Ukrainian companies to raise capital through IPO is growing. The decision to access world capital markets will be vital for the development and growth of Ukrainian firms”.

Experts from Ukraine and Poland presented at the event including representatives of Agroliga, Astarta-Kiev, WSE, the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market; Renaissance Capital, Beiten Burkhardt, Dom Maklerski Capital Partners, Ipopema Securities, and Progress Holding Ltd.
Kreston GCG hope that the experience of holding this conference will provide a platform for continuing and effective communication between businessmen, consultants and investors, the aim being to raise capital and contribute to the development of the economy in Ukraine.
Nicos Drymiotis from Kreston Proios, Kreston’s firm in Cyprus, was in attendance and presented on Cyprus entities for Ukrainian business for IPO purposes.

Nicos comments:

“ At Kreston Proios, we believe that these conferences are very constructive in understanding each country’s and business needs and finding ways to accommodate what the clients require of us. It also helps to strengthen the understanding and co operation of other Kreston International members for our mutual and clients benefit”.

Kreston GCG, plans to hold several conferences this year, including “Raising funds from international organisations”; The practice of work with the EBRD and IFC”; “Mergers and acquisitions in 2011: Trends and Prospects”, and “Opportunities of capital raising to the public sector”.