‘We won a valuable contract – by using our Kreston network’

October 15, 2020

Liza RobbinsBy Liza Robbins.

Today I’d like to congratulate Kreston RM SA in Colombia…

Last month, they won a significant contract to become the statutory auditors for the local arm of an enormous international shipping group.

It’s an inspiring example of how you can use your Kreston network to drive new business for your firm…

…Not just through referrals – but in other ways as well.

Kreston RM SA’s story started in early 2020, when their business centre noticed the shipping company had put out a tender for their statutory audit.

“We’ve been establishing ourselves in the transportation sector, so this was a great opportunity for us,” says Natalia Mora, International Relations Manager. “Winning it would also allow us to approach similar companies in Colombia and neighbouring countries.”

And of course, it was a sizable contract in its own right.

There was just one problem…

Whilst Kreston RM SA had extensive experience in transportation, they were missing experience in shipping.

And without that, they could never win the tender.

That’s when Natalia reached out to us at Kreston HQ, so we could put her in touch with other Kreston firms with relevant experience.

Before she knew it, replies were streaming in from around the globe – from Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico to Singapore, China, Greece and the UK. And each firm shared with her the details of the work they’d done, allowing Kreston RM to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the experience Kreston has in this area.

Unfortunately, that’s when the COVID pandemic took hold – so the tender process stretched into an 8-month saga!

But recently, they were told that they won the contract…

…And Natalia and her team have no doubt: “It was because we could demonstrate better and more experience than our competitors.”

Not just that, but one of the Kreston firms which got in touch had actually worked with subsidiaries of the shipping company before – which undoubtedly made the bid even more credible.

Over the past few days, many of the Kreston firms which helped Natalia with their pitch have been in touch again, to offer any help they need once the work begins. She has no doubt that she’ll draw on their expertise.

It really shows the value of belonging to an international network, doesn’t it?

And it shows the value of knowing people in that network too.

You see, those Kreston firms in those other countries (or in other parts of your country) aren’t just loosely connected to you through a shared name…

They’re not just nice people to meet up with once or twice a year, at conferences.

We all come under one big umbrella.

Their contacts are yours, to connect with and do business with… Their experience is yours, to use in your pitches… Their expertise is yours, to draw on.

And vice versa!

The more we see ourselves as one entity, and the more we use our network, the faster we’ll all grow – together.