What your office says about you

October 8, 2019

Liza Robbins

By Kreston CEO, Liza Robbins.

Kreston members – Did you catch my announcement earlier this week?

Drumroll please…

The Kreston International office move is complete!

We are now based in the WeWork offices in central London.

In case you’re not familiar with it, hundreds of companies of every size and from every industry imaginable share facilities at WeWork. (Take a look right here.)

Everywhere you go in these very contemporary offices, there are people networking, meeting and doing business together.

The vibe is electric!

This move is the fulfilment of a promise I made when I first joined Kreston, just over a year ago.

Today I’d like to explain why I believe it is so crucial for our future….

…As well as share a lesson that every Kreston firm can learn.

You see, the decision to move wasn’t taken lightly. And we didn’t pick the location because we like the view of the London skyline… Or because we feel comfortable there personally…

And it certainly wasn’t the size of the offices! (Ours is very modest – it’s one room which just fits 4 team members.)

Rather, it was a strategic decision, designed to help Kreston on our journey to become more business-oriented, to reflect our identity as one of the most modern, forward-looking professional service networks, and to enable growth for all of us.

You see, when you want to scale your firm, where you’re based and what your office feels like is critical.

For example, if you’re trying to attract ideal clients, you have to make sure that when they walk through your doors, they instantly perceive that you are the kind of firm they want to do business with.

Are your offices run-down and old-fashioned, or beautifully maintained and modern? Is there evidence in your office that you are internationally focused – or does everything appear very parochial?

They’ll pick up on the minutiae instantly.

In our case, we want to show that Kreston is at the cutting-edge of business…

… And ensure that our staff absorb a high-energy environment and mix with typical clients of our member firms.

The buzz you feel when you walk into WeWork does exactly that. I wasn’t joking when I said that people are doing business everywhere around you…. From the breakout areas right through to the cafes on every floor.

Anyone who comes into our office will immediately feel the buzz.

But then there’s location to consider too. Does that help you grow your firm?

In our previous offices, in a quiet part of the country, we were a bit cut off.

The truth is that even our member firms only rarely visited us… In fact, I only know of one member firm that visited in over 30 years!

Since our soft opening in central London, we’ve had more visitors in the last few weeks than we had over several decades! It’s been fantastic meeting so many Kreston members who have been passing through.

What about your firm? Is it located where clients can easily access you?

And how about potential clients? Here at WeWork, there are seven floors of potential clients for our firms. A chat with a stranger over morning coffee could easily turn into new business for one of you!

Being in the heart of the financial district is another added bonus. The Bank of England and Lloyd’s are just steps away, as is the ICAEW (Institute of England and Wales) and the famous Gherkin building.

It is no surprise that all the big networks are a stone’s throw away from our new office, and two are in the same building.

Simply being associated with this area brings us gravitas and credibility.

And being close to the business community opens up endless opportunities to meet the right people, collaborate on events and grow the network.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Our office really isn’t fit-for-purpose… But we can hardly afford to move right now!”, don’t panic.

You don’t always have to relocate or spend a lot of money to make your offices more attractive to your ideal clients.

Get someone who does not work for you to take a look around your office and give you feedback. You may be surprised at their observations.

And then – if necessary – you can invest some money in sprucing up your current office, adding a lick of paint or new carpets, improving the lighting, or adding some plants and artwork to the walls.

Maybe the reception area can do with added warmth so clients feel welcome when they arrive?

Or you might consider adding some testimonials from ideal clients on the walls, to give visitors immediate confidence in your abilities?

You don’t have to be in the slickest part of town or in the fanciest office to attract the clients you want.

But you do need to think strategically about how your office impacts both your image and your potential to grow your firm.

That’s all for now….

We’ll continue working hard for you, our Kreston members, and if you’re ever in London, I’d love for you to pay us a visit.