International Women’s Day: Mercè Martí Queralt

March 7, 2023

Sector: Finance

Each year on 8 March, the world observes International Women’s Day to acknowledge women’s accomplishments in various social, economic, cultural, and political fields. It is also an opportunity to advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Kreston Global uses this occasion to highlight exceptional women within their network and gain their perspectives on what defines success as a woman in their organisation.

Mercè Martí Queralt is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years of expertise in auditing. As the Executive President of Kreston Iberaudit, Mercè plays a crucial role in representing Kreston Global in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, and is responsible for driving the company’s expansion and internal development plan. Iberaudit is a leading audit network in the region, representing Kreston. Mercè’s exceptional leadership and strategic vision have driven the company’s success and cemented its reputation as a top-tier auditing firm in the area. With her extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry, she continues to be an inspiration to her colleagues and a driving force behind the firm’s continued growth and success.

Why did you decide to run your firm?
After several years as a Partner in a well-known consulting firm, I decided to leave to fulfil my objectives. Unfortunately, I needed more support to grow and consolidate the firm’s future, so I founded my own company. At that time, becoming part of the Iberaudit project had already been proposed to me, so I decided to join the two projects and create a firm in which quality was the central pillar and with international projection, from here to our integration in Kreston.
When it came to assuming the executive presidency, the only condition I set was to have the unanimous support of the entire team. I did not want obstacles; I wanted to be supported fully in my efforts to lead the company.

What qualities do you need to run a successful accounting firm?
There are many qualities that one must have to run any company successfully.
Having the capacity for resolution and determination in decision-making is vital. The ability to adapt is fundamental, especially in auditing, where change is part of our routine.
The curiosity to learn about a subject and expand knowledge to other spheres allows us to acquire a global vision and anticipate possible events.
Last, good communication is essential to improve negotiation through active listening and enthusiasm.

How do you support equality in your firm?
As Executive President of the firm, I am actively involved in all issues related to equality in general, participating in the development of internal policies that ensure genuine equality of opportunities within our organization in all processes: selection, promotion, and development of our professionals- regardless of origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, and ideologies.
I participate in mentoring projects for women and try by my example to be a reference for all the professionals in my firm.
On the other hand, I continually propose team meetings to learn about problems and suggestions, and from these initiatives, I implement actions that contribute to equality.

We recently surveyed ‘interpreneurs’ – entrepreneurs looking to expand internationally. The data showed that female CEOs were more likely than males to consider expanding overseas. Why do you think this might be?
Honestly, I wouldn’t just say it’s a gender issue, regardless of the results of the surveys. Instead, it is an entrepreneurial attitude—restless men and women who thirst for innovation.
From my experience, after having been part of a prestigious auditing firm for more than 20 years, I understood that I had to take risks to improve and grow, and I believe that these actions speak of one of the entrepreneurial spirits that transcend gender.
That entrepreneurial motivation gives us the courage to leave our comfort zone and take risks to grow, develop new businesses, and expand globally.

What advice would you give female entrepreneurs starting today, or would you give your 28-year-old self?
The best advice I could give an entrepreneur starting today is to believe in herself, her goals, and her objectives. And that if she “falls, she should get up,” No matter how many times, you must persevere.
All my work has paid off, and my efforts were worth it, but the most valuable thing that stands out is the experiences I have lived, which is the key to enjoying the road.
Finally, I would advise you never to stop training, growing, innovating, and participating in congresses, meetings, and travelling; it is a vital learning process that allows you to analyse your surroundings in a more empathetic and global way that has helped me a lot, both personally and professionally.

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