Kreston further expands partnership with Expatland

April 30, 2021

Sector: Technology, Media & Telecom

Two member firms of Kreston – Kreston FLS, based in Mexico, and Daehyun Accounting Corporation, based in Seoul – have joined the Expatland Global Network, a leading provider of global mobility services.

The addition of the two firms as Expatland Global Network partners represents the latest expansion of the network’s collaboration with Kreston, which now includes a total of 13 member firms around the globe.

The Expatland Global Network brings together international teams of professionals to provide global mobility services across taxation, logistics, real estate, education advice and more. These ‘E-Teams’ are made up of like-minded service providers in over 30 cities globally. Their expertise ranges from banking and insurance to medical and education, each passionate about helping expats coordinate their moves abroad and settle into their new home.

The partnership with Expatland Global Network will provide expats with access to trusted advice on tax planning and financial reporting across Mexico and South Korea, benefitting from the expert advice and local insight offered by Expatland Global Network’s international ‘E-Teams’.

Kreston FLS is a full-service accounting, legal and financial services firm based in Mexico City. Its clients span a wide spectrum of sectors, most notably in manufacturing and services. With its five offices and 95 staff members, Kreston FLS is one of six firms that make up Kreston International’s Mexican presence.

Based in Seoul, Daehyun Accounting Corporation provides a broad spectrum of services, including audit, tax, consulting and M&A for its SME clients both local and international. Daehyun Accounting Corporation is one of two Seoul-based Kreston International members.

Kreston FLS and Daehyun Accounting Corporation become the 68th and 69th partners, respectively, to join the Expatland Global Network– 13 of which are Kreston International member firms – across the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Liza Robbins, Chief Executive of Kreston: “Expatland Global Network has for some time been a trusted partner of Kreston Global and is at the forefront of providing global mobility services and insight. The addition of these two firms to the Expatland network is a testament to its success and we look forward to seeing this international partnership continue to bear fruit.”

John Marcarian, Founder of Expatland Global Network: “Despite the setbacks to international movement caused by the pandemic, the demand for expatriation among the internationally mobile community looks set to recover quickly. We’re pleased to expand our relationship with Kreston International by adding these two firms as new partners and, in doing so, significantly enhance our offering in Mexico and South Korea.