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Global mobility services for owners, investors, directors and managers

A robust global mobility strategy is a key element to growth in new territories. Kreston is a partner with Expatland Global Network, together with global relocation expert Harmony Relocation.

The Expatland Global Network (EGN) comprises global service teams across a range of vital services that help business founders and expats moving from or to a new city.

When we needed to move two new employees to Sydney to commence their new positions we were referred to the Expatland Global Network. We were able to speak to the relocations member that day and the move commenced the following day. It was a very prompt turnaround time and the whole experience was seamless. The Expatland Global Network took the worry and headache away from moving our employees.”

Scott Hudson, Commercial Manager
Western Sydney Wanderers FC

We help to provide expatriate tax, immigration and wealth planning support for individuals and organisations who need to move senior and mid-management employees around the world. Many smaller companies don’t have extensive HR support, so we are able to help give this support but also provide in-depth location knowledge, relocation and other in-country advice without needing scaled internal operation. We connect you to the services that any relocating employee would need. 

Our teams provide services across the spectrum including tax advice, home search, relocation services, education consulting and insurance advisory services, working together across borders to help expats moving between cities. 


Kreston provide Global Mobility services in the following locations

The future of global mobility post-pandemic

We have seen continued activity throughout the pandemic with ex-pats continuing to travel in as far as the travel restrictions allowed.

We are also aware of continued planning activity with companies planning for when the pandemic is over and their employees can be mobile again. The question is, “What will the globally mobile entrepreneur or employee of the future look like”? Will someone hop on an aircraft for a couple of days a month every month to visit an offshore office or workplace? Will those meetings now be held less frequent face to face and be held virtually more frequently? We shall see. We suspect that the prospect of short term offshore assignments will diminish, but we do think that long term business visitors will continue so that the pattern of non-domiciles establishing residence in a foreign country will continue.

To this end, if this trend continues so that the employee is on their own, the establishment of a global network to service all the needs to move individuals around the world and help them to relocate successfully is important and is bound to win – provided that the network becomes established and is easy to access from the first Google hit.

We have also seen some evidence whereby pre-pandemic, companies would fund and arrange the package for the entire move, but now will simply give the employee an amount of cash to relocate to the offshore country, leaving the employee to make arrangements themselves.

Listen to the latest Expatland podcast here. Ian shares his tax insights for anyone considering relocating to the UK.

Ian Miles
Ian Miles | Partner
James Cowper Kreston

Our Global mobility services are provided in the following locations:


Kreston KM

Location: Kenya
Contact: George Kimeu

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Asia Pacific

McGregor Bailey

Location: New Zealand
Contact: Mitesh Lal

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Nam Nguyen Consulting

Location: Vietnam
Contact: Nam Nguyen

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Kreston CAC

Location: Hong Kong
Contact: Edmond Chan

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Kreston SGCO

Location: India
Contact: Amit Ajmera

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MG Madrid & Company

Location: Philippines
Contact: Mario Madrid

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Daehyun Accounting Corporation

Location: South Korea
Contact: Philip Ku Woo 

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Kreston SNR Advisors

Location: India
Contact: Suresh Vyas

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McLean Delmo Bentleys

Location: Australia
Contact: Jack Delmo

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A&O Kreston

Location: Zurich
Contact: Angela Beltrame

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Location: Amsterdam
Contact: Jelle Bakker

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Kreston MDS

Location: Brussels
Contact: Fernando Krause

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Budapest Consultans

Location: Hungary
Contact: Vilmos Wessely

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James Cowper Kreston

Location: United Kingdom
Contact: Ian Miles

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Kreston Iberaudit

Location: Madrid/Barcelona
Contact: Juan Pizá and Elena Ramírez

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Kreston Ioannou & Theodoulou

Location: Cyprus
Contact: Michael Ioannou

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Kreston VDN

Location: Belgium
Contact: Ivo Claeys

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EXCO A2A Polska

Location: Poland
Contact: Laurent Le Pajolec

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Middle East

Kreston Egypt

Location: Egypt
Contact: Mohamed Mamdouh

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North America

Kreston GTA

Location: Canada
Contact: Spence Walker

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South America

Kreston FLS

Location: Mexico
Contact: Guillermo Narvaez

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