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Cyber and information security

Organizations need to understand potential cyber-threats and focus on adopting impact-reduction strategies that concentrate on identifying and mitigating cyber threats.

Avoiding cybercrime

Cybercrimes and terrorists constitute a real threat to the activities of organizations and companies working in the public and business sectors. establishing phishing sites for stealing personal data, through the introduction of viruses and other malicious software to the organization’s information systems. Whether for reasons of criminal or political parties and ideologies, whether business entities or public bodies, the consequences can be very severe and lead to real disruption in the entities’ activities:
• Loss of critical information
• Disruption and vulnerability to processes
• damage to the image of public business organizations
• Disruption of national and security infrastructures

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Client success stories

Kreston SNR ESG Climate Change

Kreston SNR leads the way in India

The entire world is working towards various solutions to avert the crisis that
could, one day cost us all of human existence, even: Climate Change. At COP 26,
held in November 2021, there was consensus on many action points that were


Lion Cashmere Midco Ltd, London, UK

The DMC Group’s main business is the manufacture and distribution of yarn and embroidery products. Kreston Global UK member firm, Kreston Reeves, supports British firm Lion Cashmere Midco.