Crackdown on digital art

Surander Jesrani of UAE member firm Kreston Menon (MMJS Consulting) writes about international regulator moves to crack down on digital art assets in Accounting and Business news.

GAAP financial statements 

Local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) refer to the rules that are required to be followed in a specific country […]

US GAAP financial statements

The American Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) are widely followed accounting rules and standards used in financial reporting. US […]

Introduction into family offices

What is a family office-definition “Family offices are typically viewed as being somewhat of an enigma” – Preqin Family Offices Survey 2010.

Transfer Pricing FAQs

In simple terms, transfer pricing is the process of setting the prices charged between associated enterprises in cross-border transactions.

Kreston ACA PAC partners future thoughts on ESG and audit

Wee Kwang, partner at Kreston ACA PCA shared his views with the international accounting bulletin in the world survey. This is on accountancy firms’ transparency to environmental, social and governance plans to prove their sustainability on the planet and society.

James Cowper Kreston spring statement

Account and business advisors James Cowper Kreston release their 2022 spring statement as the Chancellor addresses the backdrop of the rising inflation.

Morgan & Co, Harare, Zimbabwe

Morgan & Co is a market leader in the Zimbabwe Capital markets, and is ‎a securities firm for a new era. They are members of FinSec and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE)