Global M&A trends in accounting

Recently, International Accounting Bulletin invited Kreston Global members to comment on global M&A trends in accounting. Left to right: George Itotia, Alexandre Kouame, Rich Howard.

CBIZ launches Latino-Owned Business Service Team

CBIZ has recently unveiled the Latino-owned Business Service Team, launched to meet the demand for Spanish-speaking accounting services that is driven by a sizeable Latino business community in the United States.

Investing in the United States

With the promise of access to a large, open market, many businesses from around the world are interested in investing in the United States.

Kreston BSG Mexico hosts AI webinar

Kreston BSG, which has 10 offices across Mexico, recently held an event to raise the profile of the work accountants do in Mexico and the development of new technology to support businesses to grow and thrive. This event was held to mark Accountants Day in Mexico.

Kreston ATC Chile joins the network

Kreston ATC Chile is delighted to become part of Kreston Global. The goal: to be the best firm for all local and international companies.