EU Sustainability Regulations

Július Činčala and Zuzana Sidorová, Kreston Slovakia, shed light on doing business in a country focusing on EU Sustainability regulations.

Addressing audit delays

As companies like Superdry face audit delays, industry leaders including Theo Theodoulou of Kreston Global delve into the staffing, economic, and technology-related issues contributing to this rising concern.

D. Med, Germany Healthcare is a privately owned healthcare company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operating globally in over 20 countries as a provider of medical services and products with a focus on renal care, diabetes, and other aspects of medical care.

Auditor role in financial statement fraud prevention

Herbert M Chain, Deputy Technical Director at Kreston Global Audit Group and Shareholder at Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. in the US, shared his thoughts on the auditor role in financial statement fraud prevention with Bloomberg Tax.

Why mid-tier networks are a compelling alternative to the Big Four for audit

More companies are considering mid-tier networks for audit, shifting away from the long-established dominance of the Big Four audit firms. Herbert M. Chain, Deputy Technical Director, Global Audit Group and Ricardo Gameroff, Kreston Global Audit Business Director, shed light on this development in the latest edition of International Accounting Bulletin.

Cloud technology, digital assets and the future of accounting

In an article recently published by the International Accounting Bulletin, Doron Rozenblum and Herbert M. Chain, elaborate on the changes in accounting driven by the adoption of cloud technology and the emergence of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.