Recruitment advice

Recruitment advice for member firms

We have partnered with ACCA to provide guidance on talent and career development issues and opportunities facing the profession.

We will update and refresh these periodically as relevant new resources become available and in response to your emerging needs.

Harnessing the potential of “Generation Z”

ACCA insights and resources can help Kreston member firms develop strategies to attract and recruit “Gen Z”, and then develop and retain them for the longer-term. ACCA’s survey of 9,000 Gen Z respondents worldwide provides insights into the issues that most concern them right now, how these may influence what they want from their careers, what attracts them to organisations, and their view on business and the impact of COVID-19. 

ACCA has developed ten employer strategies to help you harness the potential of Gen Z. The full report and related on demand webinars and podcast, can be found in the Rethinking Careers hub alongside guidance for Gen Z professionals.

Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

In a global survey and research perspectives of accounting professionals across the world, and provides guides for individuals and organisations. Why does diversity and inclusion matter? Innovation, the life blood of many organisations, is strongly linked to diverse views and opinions that are representative of the customer base and wider society. It is not only the right thing to do, but good for business.

These resources are located in the Leading inclusion section on the ACCA website. Firms can also see details of online courses designed specially to help individuals develop appropriate personal and organisational diversity and inclusion strategies.

Attracting and recruiting talent

The competition for talent has not gone away. Firms need to rethink their approaches to recruitment in line with new ways of working, emerging new business-critical skills, and increasingly diverse perspectives about accountancy as a career and the very nature of a career. 

ACCA also helps employers extend and deepen their reach into talent pools through ACCA Careers and Virtual Careers Fairs.

ACCA Careers is the world’s largest specialist accountancy jobs board, providing access to active and passive job seekers drawn from talent pool of over 700,000 young and qualified ACCA professionals. 

You can either run customised campaigns to find talent and targeted job alerts, or you can quickly filter the right candidates in the database of CVs / resumés. 

The service is free to employers outside the UK and to all firms with ACCA Approved Employer status who also benefit from enhanced branding and visibility on the site.

Go to the ACCA Careers site for more information, and to set up an account and start posting jobs. From here you can also access the Job seekers section of the site. 

There is a dedicated Chinese language site for firms in China.

ACCA Virtual Careers Fairs are organised in a number of regions and countries worldwide. A recent events attracted over 45,000 registrations.

These allow firms to connect with the ACCA talent through an interactive virtual platform that includes branded virtual exhibition booths allowing rich media content to be shared with job seekers, and direct engagement with job seekers through video, voice or text.

The service is free to employers with priority given to ACCA Approved Employers.

Go to the ACCA website for more information

Benefits for ACCA employers

A number of Kreston Global firms already enjoy the benefits of ACCA Approved employer status, and others are invited to apply if they wish to support the training and development of ACCA students and members they employ. 81% of employers say the Approved Employer status helps them attract and retain good quality people. It also unlock a number of benefits including free job posting on ACCA Careers, support for staff during their training and beyond, and pricing reductions on a range of ACCA qualifications and learning solutions.

Information about the Approved Employer programme, including a searchable database of organisations with Approved Employer status, can be found on ACCA’s website.

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