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As a top 10 ranking network in the region, Kreston Global’s African network consists of 27 member firms across 28 countries, and provides a range of financial, audit and accounting, taxation and other advisory services for businesses considering entering the market or who need to expand. With coverage in over 50% of the continent, Kreston Africa offers you extensive inbound and outbound opportunities to grow your business.

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Ethiopia's fast-growing economy

Kreston Africa Regional Steering Committee

Heinrich Moller

Heinrich Möller

Regional Chair – Africa steering committee & advisory group

Kreston South Africa

Tarek Zouari

Tarek Zouari

Committee member and Partner at EXCO Tunisia.

EXCO Tunisia

Dev Pydannah

Dev Pydannah

Committee member and Global Audit Group (GAG) Africa Director

Kreston Mozambique

Mamadou Sarr

Mamadou Sarr

Committee member and Global Tax Group (GTG) Africa Director

EXCO Senegal

Najat Moughil

Najat Moughil

Africa steering committee & advisory group member


Matthieu Sogue, EXCO Burkino Faso

Mathieu Sogue

Managing partner at Exco Ouagadougou and committee member

Exco Ouagadougou

Emile Van Der Merwe - Kreston SA

Emile Van Der Merwe

Marketing Consultant at Kreston SA, Kreston Global Marketing Team member and committee member

Kreston SA

Coumba Betty

Coumba Betty Diallo

Communication, Marketing and Organizational Development Advisor at Exco GHA Mauritania, Kreston Global Marketing Team member and committee member

Exco GHA Mauritania

Tyna Adediran - Kreston Pedabo

Tyna Adediran

Management Consulting Lead at Kreston Pedabo, Kreston Global Marketing Team member and committee member

Kreston Pedabo

George Kimeu

Managing Partner and committee member

Kreston KM


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