Ministry of Healthcare, Slovakia

The Ministry of Healthcare in Slovakia covers 105 institutions, including hospitals, universities, regional health organisations and medical treatment institutes. Kreston Slovakia reviewed and provide practical solutions in four core areas.

D. Med, Germany Healthcare is a privately owned healthcare company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and operating globally in over 20 countries as a provider of medical services and products with a focus on renal care, diabetes, and other aspects of medical care.

Crest Healthcare, India

Crest Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of pharmaceutical products such as calcium and vitamin D3 suspension, azithromycin oral suspension, Multivitamin syrup and homecare products for various pharma and FMCG Companies. Clients include Cipla, USV, Indoco, J.B. Chemicals and Curever.

Top rankings for our German member firm

Congratulations to our German member firm, Kreston Bansbach, whose consulting arm Bansbach Econum, has been ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany in the Handelsblatt 2022 Best Consultants list.

Biosceptre, UK, Australia, UAE

Biosceptre is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on providing new therapies for a wide range of cancer patients. Its researchers work on cell-therapy and immune-oncology treatment and have made significant discoveries to help target cancer cells more effectively.

Funding landscape of UK life sciences

Sue Staunton, Joint Managing Partner from James Cowper Kreston, discusses the changing landscape of funding in the life science sector post-Covid in PF Magazine.

Daré Bioscience Inc. San Diego, USA

Kreston Global member CBIZ MHM had already been working with the CEO and CFO of Daré Bioscience over many years when they were on the board of directors and audit committee of a not-for-profit client.

Wockhardt Bio AG, UAE

Wockhardt Bio AG, a global pharmaceutical company, deals with the development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulations. They are further expanding in Dubai.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

The profile and importance of this sector has never been higher as the various vaccines and healthcare organisations protected and […]