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Expanding internationally

Many organisations have seen major disruption and slow down over the last 12-24 months thanks to the global pandemic, some have rapidly adjusted to digital platforms and others have thrived due to the business they have and marketplace need.

What is clear however, is that doing business internationally, and extending your global footprint is not just a major growth strategy for many clients across the world, it is also becoming essential and pragmatic business practice.

First time overseas?

As a business making your first foray into new geographic territories, you may well need help to set up the right business operation for you. Each country is different and navigating regulations, financing and finding staff to employ can be daunting.

Of course the most important thing is to begin trading as soon as is possible, so finding business partners, franchisees or deciding the right way to begin trading or making the right first move is key. Kreston firms across the world help our clients do this every day.

Established international operator entering new markets?

As an experienced overseas operator, having been successful in one region or territory but now keen to expand into new one locations, markets or regions, you need to make the right decisions around office or warehouse location, hiring local employees or getting key senior management into position. Kreston firms know their markets inside out – we have partnerships across the globe. If you need someone to help you navigate the local market, be put in touch with banking or legal advisers, or need help with efficient tax structuring, contact your local firm or contact us.


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