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New Member in Netherlands

June 28, 2006

Bonsen & Reuling, new member in The Netherlands Bonsen & Reuling was established in 1958, and over the years has become a solid business with three offices and more than 100 employees. Throughout this period, quantity was never a goal in itself. Indeed, the opposite is the case; right from the company’s inception, personal involvement has been a key feature, at Bonsen & Reuling. You can only deliver the level of tailored service required, when you know all the ins and outs of your clients’ businesses.

The accountants, tax advisors and lawyers speak the language of the entrepreneurs from the region, are conversant with the history and development of the businesses and institutions, and as a consequence are capable of serving as valuable financial, fiscal and legal sounding boards, for both start-up companies and for larger businesses in a wide range of sectors, both national and international. The reputation built up by Bonsen & Reuling over several decades reflects the integrity of the company’s accountants and advisors. The added value of personal involvement and long-term relationships is considerable. To be able to offer suitable advice to clients is in fact practically a prerequisite. At the same time, objectivity and independence at all times must be guaranteed. Trust is perhaps the important commodity Bonsen & Reuling can offer its clients. At Bonsen & Reuling, our services are rarely limited to a single discipline. Ever changing legislation and regulations mean that an integrated approach is becoming more and more important.

The specialists at Bonsen & Reuling are constantly in contact with one another so that every aspect is considered with any advice we offer.