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Financial forensics & fraud investigation

Financial forensics & fraud investigation can help to uncover large and complex cases of fraud that in-house legal teams need help with. They can also identify who is responsible and quantify any damages.

How does financial forensics & fraud investigation work?

The aim of a fraud investigation is to identify who was responsible for the fraud, what their motives were, and how much money was lost overall across the business. The findings are collated into an in-depth report which is presented to you or the management team for your review.

The forensic accounting team assists with the building of strong cases that can stand up in court. They work with a lawyer throughout the fraud investigation to ensure the case survives against robust cross-examinations.

Fraud investigation allows for specialist forensic accountants to carry out investigative operations through computer-assisted auditing to track any suspicious activity. These accountants also conduct interviews with staff members and review important documentation.

Benefits of forensic accounting

Forensic accounting and fraud investigation has many benefits, primarily the solving of financial crime within your workplace and reducing occupational fraud. The investigative operations that take place can uncover bribery around the office or any money laundering within organisations.

Forensic accounting mainly assists with the gathering of evidence and detecting unlawful crimes. Additionally, the fraud investigation team will monitor the professionals within your organisation, primarily focussing on whoever manages the sensitive financial information for your company.

Assessing the work of your finance team can measure their activity and detect any critical errors made, which can often be used to file any professional negligence claims if need be.

Overall, forensic accounting can assist with the general finances of the business. Whether you’re wanting to oversee staff activity and detect any anomalies that may have occurred or you’re devising a strategy to prevent issues in the future, the team can help monitor this for you.

Forensic accountants can access various documentation, including an employee’s purchasing records to see if any costs were diverted for personal use. In this case, evidence gathered can then be used to follow the legal process needed.

Why choose Kreston Global?

Don’t let any complex financial cases within your business go on for longer than they need to. Identify and uncover any ongoing fraudulent activity that may be occurring as soon as you believe something suspicious is taking place.

Kreston Global’s financial forensics and fraud investigation, along with our other advisory services, are designed to help your business thrive and succeed in the best way possible. We are committed to delivering high-quality service and aim to support you where possible.

Many of our clients trust us to aid them with complex financial tasks and ensure they are meeting compliance standards. We want to assist with improving and maintaining the effectiveness of your controls and procedures, enabling you to manage impeccably high standards across your organisation.

Contact us today. Our specialist team of experts will work with you to build a valuable relationship. We have a network of 160 independent accounting firms across more than 115 countries. Wherever you are in the world, choose Kreston Global to assist with your business needs.

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