Top rankings for our German member firm

Congratulations to our German member firm, Kreston Bansbach, whose consulting arm Bansbach Econum, has been ranked among the top consulting firms in Germany in the Handelsblatt 2022 Best Consultants list.

Why invest in Andorra?

Our Spanish member firm, Kreston Iberaudit, has recently formed a partnership with Valgianni, an Andorran-based accountant and business adviser. Read our article if you are interested in finding out more about opportunities for inward investment.

Tax advice on bringing capital into the UK

The advice for bringing capital into the UK changed over three years ago. There was a window of opportunity for UK resident individuals who were non-UK domiciled to “cleanse” their offshore accounts so that they could remit funds to the UK free of UK tax

Root Cause Analysis

Have you heard of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

In the auditing world, it has recently taken centre stage as audit practices around the globe prepare for the 15 December 2022 – the effective date of the new International Standard for Quality Management auditing standard (ISQM1).

E-invoicing and VAT in the EU

The harmonisation of rules for e-invoicing throughout the EU to close the VAT gap is a major move to make the EU more digital.

Kreston takes action on Earth Day

Environmental sustainability is essential for our earth, as climate change is ever-growing all businesses can adapt to support this. Accountants and auditors are in the best place to be able to give advice to clients on ESG and aid with sustainability frameworks in the future.

Kreston Global welcomes Slovakia member firm

A4 GroUP was established in 2021 by merging two companies with more than 15 years of tradition in the market which created one of the largest consulting companies in Slovakia, providing audit, tax advisory, legal and accounting services, payroll services and specialist services such as ESG reporting and cybersecurity