E-invoicing and VAT in the EU

The harmonisation of rules for e-invoicing throughout the EU to close the VAT gap is a major move to make the EU more digital.

Kreston takes action on Earth Day

Environmental sustainability is essential for our earth, as climate change is ever-growing all businesses can adapt to support this. Accountants and auditors are in the best place to be able to give advice to clients on ESG and aid with sustainability frameworks in the future.

Kreston Global welcomes Slovakia member firm

A4 GroUP was established in 2021 by merging two companies with more than 15 years of tradition in the market which created one of the largest consulting companies in Slovakia, providing audit, tax advisory, legal and accounting services, payroll services and specialist services such as ESG reporting and cybersecurity

Introduction into family offices

What is a family office-definition “Family offices are typically viewed as being somewhat of an enigma” – Preqin Family Offices Survey 2010.

Transfer Pricing FAQs

In simple terms, transfer pricing is the process of setting the prices charged between associated enterprises in cross-border transactions.

ESG accounting practices accountants should know

ESG accounting practices are coming in to sharp focus, driven by climate change legislation to deliver net-zero. The 2050 deadline agreed by the 193 countries that are signed up to the Paris agreement is already impacting larger multi-national corporations who are changing the way they operate.